Canadian Mountain Network

With the support of the Canadian Mountain Network and Yukon Government, AINA is conducting research intended to inform the development of a new strategy for mountain environment observation and monitoring. This will depend on first compiling an inventory of observation assets and activities in upland areas of Yukon, the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alberta, thereby mapping the spatial, temporal and functional distributions of coverage to date throughout the Western Cordillera. 

We will then conduct an assessment of the degree to which observations have thus far covered (or perhaps ignored) key subdivisions of mountain environments. Meanwhile, we will engage with different levels of government, academic researchers, public societies, mountain-based businesses and – particularly – Indigenous communities and organizations, to determine their needs, interests and potential participation in future activities.  

These steps will help to describe and define the key components of a comprehensive and inclusive new strategy for mountain monitoring and observation, which aspires to involve and serve all levels of government, scientific interests, stakeholders, rights-holders, communities, business, and the interested public. The project will also seek to contribute constructively to related national and international programs, such as the Canadian Mountain AssessmentGEO Mountains, and Mountain Research Initiative.