Post-doctoral Fellow-Ravi Darwin Sankar

Dr. Sankar joined the Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) at the University of Calgary as an Eyes High Postdoctoral Fellow. His addition to the team of researchers at the AINA will aid an ongoing project that seeks to determine the interactions between human/marine and climate systems.  Prior to joining the institute, Ravi completed his PhD in Geological Sciences at Florida State University (USA). His dissertation focused on quantifying the effects of sea-level change and increased storminess on coastal morphology along sandy coastlines. His research was instrumental in predicting shoreline retreat and land loss rates along barrier-island settings, which served as a catalyst to planning future coastal zone management strategies that address the near-term effects of climate change on coastal environments. Dr. Sankar completed his M.Sc in Geology at Florida State University as a Fulbright scholar, and his undergraduate degree in Physics and Environmental Sciences at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad. He has also taught courses in Geology, Physics and Science at an amalgamation of Universities in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

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