Post-doctoral associate in mountain environment observation and monitoring

Michael Allchin

This role is funded jointly by AINA, the Canadian Mountain Network, and Yukon Government.

My initial task is to build an inventory of observational equipment and activities in the mountains of western Canada, starting with the Yukon, expanding subsequently to NWT, BC and AB.

This inventory will help to reveal areas of key interest (relating, for example, to rapid climate change or major ecological transitions) in which information is currently sparse, thereby supporting discussion of options for augmenting observational activities, and improving coordination and collaboration between participants.

At this stage, a particular focus will be placed on exploring opportunities for advancing participation by Indigenous people in the observation and monitoring of mountain landscapes, and for incorporating Traditional Knowledge with conventional scientific data.

The outcomes of this analysis will inform the development and implementation of a comprehensive mountain observation and monitoring strategy for Canada.

PhD – University of Northern BC (2020)
MSc – University of Southampton (2013)
BSc (Hons) – University of Bristol (1986)