Brian Moorman


Brian Moorman is a professor in the Department of Geography. He came to the University of Calgary in 1996 as the founding Director of the Earth Science Program, joint appointed in the Departments of Geography and Geoscience. He has since gone on to be the Head of the Department of Geography and is currently the Associate Dean of Research and Infrastructure in the Faculty of Arts.

Department of Geography - University of Calgary
T2N 1N4 Calgary
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(403) 220-4835
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David Millar


Dr. David Millar holds a PhD in Glaciology from the University of Cambridge (Scott Polar Research Institute), where he conducted fieldwork in the Antarctic. His research there was on radio-echo layering in the Antarctic and Greenland icesheets and their application to reconstructing palaeoclimates and past ice flow. Recently his interest has been on climate change in the arctic. He is also Editor, Northern Lights Series, University of Calgary Press ( and select Northern Lights Series.


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Gerald Holdsworth


Gerald (Gerry) Holdsworth was educated in New Zealand and the United States where he obtained a Ph D in Geology, specializing in Geophysics. He came to Ottawa in 1969 to take up a position with the (then) Department of Energy Mines and Resources as Head of the Arctic Section of the Glaciology Sub-Division within Hydrological Sciences Division. He did glacier surveys on Baffin Island and Ellesmere Island before turning attention to Mount Logan in the Yukon. In 1980 he moved to Calgary with the Department of Environment that evolved from earlier Government Departments.

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