Wayne Strong

Resarch Interests: 
Phone Number: 
(867) 667-2924
P.O. Box 40186 Stn Main
Y1A 6M9 Whitehorse , YT
Yukon CA

Dr. Strong has academic and professional expertise in vegetation ecology, but also has interests in palaeoecological research. He is an adjunct associate professor in the Environmental Design Program at the University of Calgary, taught a vegetation classification and analysis course for several years, and has supervised the research of several graduate students, with most publishing their results in international journals. One graduate student recently (May 2010) completed an evaluation of elk habitat carrying capacity in the Takhini Valley, west of Whitehorse.

Dr. Strong's northern experience includes ecological and biophysical resource analyses in Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site, Nahanni and Wood Buffalo national parks, Fort Vermilion area of northern Alberta, and central Yukon area. His recent and current research includes an analysis of postfire vegetation and plant community successional development in central Yukon, recent published the description of a new variety of lodgepole pine (Yukon pine - Pinus contorta var. yukonensis), and development of an ecoclimatic classification for the Yukon (1:1,000,000-scale).