Adam Lajeunesse

Phone Number: 
(403) 354-1939
St Jerome’s University, University of Waterloo
290 Westmount Road North
N2L 3G3 Waterloo , ON
Ontario CA

Historian Adam Lajeunesse is a SSHRC postdoctoral fellow at St. Jerome’s University. He is currently working on a research program examining the history of Canadian military operations in the Arctic and the history of northern development, with a focus on hydrocarbon exploration from the 1960s to the mid-1980s. Dr. Lajeunesse’s doctoral research focused on the evolution of Canada’s Arctic maritime sovereignty. He has a monograph based on his dissertation being published by UBC Press and has published articles on the subject in International Journal, Canadian Military Journal, and through the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies Occasional Paper series. A significant part of this work examines Canada’s diplomatic relationship with the United States and analyzes how the two nations have managed (or failed to manage) their competing positions on the nature of the Arctic waters. His work sheds new light on how the two countries balanced their positions on the law of the sea, continental defence, and Arctic sovereignty. His postdoctoral work represents an evolution of many of these themes. In addition, Lajeunesse has produced the first detailed research on Cold War era submarine operations and joint defence cooperation (published in Cold War History). He has also published on contemporary issues, such as Arctic shipping, the economics of northern hydrocarbon development, Arctic security, and whole of government operations.