Partnerships, Research, Education

AINA is a member of the Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators (CNNRO) and the International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic (INTERACT). Both networks strive to build capacity for terrestrial research, to improve collaboration and coordination of efforts, enable access to partner stations, and implement best practices for station management, use and station-based research and monitoring.

In 2017 KLRS provided transnational access for INTERACT researchers from Finland and Denmark. With CNNRO partners at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre and the Centre d'Etudes Nordique, in 2018, we are starting a Northern Researcher Preparedness program to entrain early career scholars with skills necessary for remote research station management and science support. 

In addition to our many station users from across Canada conducting research in the environmental and social sciences, we have begun a number of in-house research programmes at KLRS, including a renewable energy and sustainability project, and an environmental data rescue and environmental monitoring project. In 2017, KLRS became a site in the Global Cryosphere Watch Cryo-Net. You can visit our page here: KLRS Cryo-Net  

KLRS has facilitated the US Array program in Yukon and Northern BC and Earthscope over the past several years. We have supported field school programs from the Universities of Calgary, Ottawa, Exeter, Yukon College, and a number of high schools in Yukon and in 2019 we will we host a field school from Robert Thirsk High School in Calgary. We initiated an Artist in Residence program in 2017, and have participated in International Mountain Day in Haines Junction, as well as supporting our station users to share the outcomes of their own research with the people of SW Yukon through regular open house days and other events.