Papers to Appear in ARCTIC


Olnes, J., Citta, J.J., Quakenbush, L., George, C., Harwood, L., Lea, E., and Heide-J0rgensen, M.P. Use of the Alaskan Beaufort Sea by Bowhead Whales (Balaena
) Tagged with Satellite Transmitters, 2006-2018.

Wilson, A., Levkoe, C.Z., Andree, P., Skinner, K., Spring, A., Wesche, S., and Galloway, T. Strengthening Sustainable Northern Food Systems: Federal Policy
     Constraints and Potential Opportunities.

Oilier, M., Giles, A.R., Etter, M., Ruttan, J., Elanik, N., Goose, R., and Ipana, E. Promoting a Culturally Safe Evaluation of an On-the-land Wellness Program in the
     Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

Bongelli, E., Dowsley, M., Velasco-Herrera, V.M., and Taylor, M. Do North American Migratory Barren­ground Caribou Subpopulations Cycle?

Mosurska, A., and Ford, J.D. Unpacking Community Participation in Research: A Systematic Literature Review of Community-based and Participatory Research
     in Alaska.

Ross, P., and Mason, CW. "We Hardly have any Moose Around here Anymore": Climate Change and the Barriers to Food Security in the Dehcho Region,
     Northwest Territories.

Loring, P.A., Tang, C., and Beaudreau, A.H. Stability During Times of Change: Subsistence Portfolios in Mid-20th Century Rural Alaska.

Tsuji, L.J.S., and General, Z. Akimiski Island, Nunavut, Canada: The Use of Cree Oral History and Sea-level Retrodiction to Resolve Aboriginal Title.

Segal, R.A., Scharien, R.K., Duerden, F., and Tam, C.-L. The Best of Both Worlds-Connecting Remote Sensing and Arctic Communities for Safe Sea Ice Travel.



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