Papers to Appear in ARCTIC

2018 Issues

McEwen, D.C., and Butler, M.G. Growing-Season Temperature Change across Four Decades in an Arctic Tundra Pond.

Nong, D., Countryman, A.M., Warziniack, T., and Grey, E.K. Arctic Sea Routes: Potential New Pathways for Nonindigenous Species Spread.

Pratte, I., Boadway, K.A., Diamond, A.W., and Mallory, M.L. Stable Isotopes Reveal Changes in Trophic Ecology across Life History Stages in the Arctic Tern (Sterna paradisaea).

Ljubicic, G.J., Okpakok, S., Robertson, S., and Mearns, R. Inuit Approaches to Naming and Distinguishing Caribou: Considering Language, Place and Homeland toward Improved Co-management.

Cavell, J. Who Discovered the Northwest Passage?

Dwight, R.A., and Cairns, D.M. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Facilitates Shrub Establishment in Northern Alaska.

Lomac-MacNair, K., Jakobsson, M., Mix, A., Freire, F., Hogan, K., Mayer, L., and Smultea, M.A. Seal Occurrence and Habitat Use during Summer in Petermann Fjord, Northwestern Greenland.

Brattland, C., and Mustonen, T. How Traditional Knowledge Comes to Matter in Atlantic Salmon Governance in Norway and Finland.

Hansen, A.M., and Virginia, R.A. The Future of Hydrocarbon Development in Greenland: Perspectives from Residents of the North Slope of Alaska.


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