Papers to Appear in ARCTIC

2019 Issues

Frigault, J.S., and Giles, A.R. Understanding Fall Risk Factors for Inuvialuit Elders in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Gallagher, C.P., and Lea, E.V. Overwintering Habitat of American Dipper, Cinclus mexicanus, in an Arctic Groundwater Spring Observed Feeding on Dolly Varden, Salvelinus malma

Sidorova, E. Circumpolar Indigeneity in Canada, Russia, and the United States (Alaska): Do differences Result in Representational Challenges for the Arctic Council?

Lokken, N.A.A., Clark, D.A., Broderstad, E.-G., and Hausner, V.H. Inuit Attitudes Towards Co-managing Wildlife in Three Communities in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut, Canada.

Klokov, K.B., and Mikhailov, V.V. Assessment of Climatic Conditions for Siberian Reindeer Herding on the Basis of Heat Balance Modelling.

Kettle, N.P. Knowledge Co-production in Contested Spaces: An Evaluation of the North Slope Borough-Shell Baseline Studies Program.

Kaltenborn, B.P., Kaltenborn, E.F., and Linnell, J.D.C. “It’s All About the Scenery:” Tourists’ Perceptions of Cultural Ecosystem Services in the Lofoten islands, Norway.

Kupferschmidt, C., Noddin, F., Zhu, D.Z., and Tonn, W.M. Using video to evaluate depth and velocity selection by Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) in pools of an engineered tundra stream.

Eerkes-Medrano, L., Huntington, H.P., Castro, A.O., and Atkinson, D.E. Engaging northern Indigenous communities in biophysical research: Pitfalls and successful approaches.

Stinchcomb, T.R., Brinkman, T.J., and Fritz, S.A. A review of aircraft-subsistence conflict in Arctic Alaska: A review of aircraft-subsistence conflict in Arctic Alaska.

Bystrowska, M. The impact of sea ice on cruise tourism on Svalbard.



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