BioMap Alaska

BioMap AlaskaBioMap Alaska is an internet accessible, iterative, multilingual, GIS and Google maps-based tool with information on species in northern Alaskan waters that useful for management, research and education. The system allows anyone to submit their observations on-line. Participants can also submit photographs, and are asked for information on location, weather and environmental conditions at the time of the observation. Information is accumulated in a database and made publicly available. BioMap is designed to improve monitoring of marine species and may provide information on changing conditions including species range expansion and introduced species.

We plan expand our geographic coverage and number of species included in the coming months with the goal of becoming a pan-Arctic marine species observing program. If you would like to learn more about BioMap or contribute a sighting please visit us at

BioMap is currently funded by an award from the Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative.Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Project partners include:



Principle Investigator:

Maribeth Murray, Executive Director, Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary

Co-Principle Investigators:

Howard Ferren, Alaska SeaLife Centre
Philip Loring, University of Saskatchewan