Arctic on the Edge Recordings now available

The recordings of the Arctic on the Edge conference are now available on YouTube and below.

Part 1 includes opening remarks by Dr. Marcello Tonelli and the keynote address by Dr. Maribeth Murray.


Part 2 includes the lightning presentations and closing remarks.

Presenters: Ravi Sankar, Andrew Applejohn, Samantha Jones, Brian Moorman, Brent Else, Rob Huebert, Marc Poulin, Doug Chiperzak, Sarah St Germain, John Yackel

Part 3 includes the Panel Discussion

Participants: Anna-Maria Hubert, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Calgary; George Lidgett, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Utilities- ATCO; Allan Châtenay, President, explor; Keith Chaulk, Senior Ecologist, Stantec Calgary;
Moderator: Maribeth Murray, Executive Director, Arctic Institute of North America