Papers to Appear in ARCTIC

2018 Issues

Clarke, J.T., Ferguson, M.C., Willoughby, A.L., and Brower, A.A. Bowhead and Beluga Whale Distributions, Sighting Rates, and Habitat Associations in the Western Beaufort Sea in Summer and Fall 2009–16, with Comparison to 1982–91.

Paquette-Struger, B., Wrona, F.J., Atkinson, D., and Di Cenzo, P. Seasonal Variations in the Limnology of Noell Lake in the Western Canadian Arctic Tracked by In Situ Observation Systems.

Straka, J.R., Antoine, A., Bruno, R., Campbell, D., Campbell, R. [Ron], Campbell, R. [Ross], Cardinal, J., Gibot, G., Gray, Q.Z., Irwin, S., Kindopp, R., Ladouceur, R., Ladouceur, W., Lankshear, J., Maclean, B., Macmillan, S., Marcel, F., Marten, G., Marten, L., McKinnon, J., Patterson, L.D., Voyageur, C., Voyageur, M., Whiteknife, G.S., and Wiltzen, L. “We Used to Say Rats Fell from the Sky after a Flood:” Temporary Recovery of Muskrat following Ice Jams in the Peace-Athabasca Delta.

Glassburn, C.L., Potter, B.A., Clark, J.L., Reuther, J.D., Bruning, D.L., and Wooller, M.J. Strontium and Oxygen Isotope Analyses of Sequentially Sampled Modern Bison (Bison bison bison) Teeth from Interior Alaska as a Proxy of Seasonal Mobility.

Turunen, M.T., Rasmus, S., and Kietäväinen, A. The Importance of Reindeer in Northern Finland during World War II (1939-45) and the Post-War Reconstruction.

Stewart, E.M., Hargan, K.E., Sivarajah, B., Kimpe, L.E., Blais, J.M., and Smol, J.P. A Paleoenvironmental Study Tracking Eutrophication, Mining Pollution, and Climate Change in Niven Lake, Yellowknife’s (NT) First Sewage Lagoon.

Strong, W.L Summer Climatic Moisture Balances for Yukon Xerophytic Grassland Slopes and Their Late Wisconsinan Counterparts:  Are Present-Day Grasslands Beringian Relicts?

McEwen, D.C., and Butler, M.G. Growing-Season Temperature Change across Four Decades in an Arctic Tundra Pond.

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