Papers to Appear in ARCTIC


2017 Issues

Tremayne, A.H., and Brown, W.A. Mid-Late Holocene Population Trends, Culture Change, and Marine Resource Intensification in Western Alaska.

Melnikov, V.V. Seasonal Movements and Relative Abundance of Bearded Seals (Erignathus barbatus) in the Coastal Waters of Chukotka Peninsula.

Christensen, J., Arnfjord, S., Carraher, S., and Hedwig, T. Homelessness across Alaska, the Canadian North and Greenland: A Review of the Literature on a Developing Social Phenomenon in the Circumpolar North.

Bringloe, T.T., Dunton, K.H., and Saunders, G.W. Updates to the Boulder Patch (North Alaska, Beaufort Sea) Marine Algal Flora as Revealed by DNA Barcoding.

Davis, L.C., and Davison, C.M. Prevalence and Patterns of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption in Canadian Youth: A Northern Focus.

Forst, J., and Brown, T.A. A Case Study: Was Private William Braine of the 1845 Franklin Expedition a Victim of Tuberculosis?

Strong, W.L. Episodic and Systematic Tree Ring-Width Variation (AD 1763–2013) in Takhini Valley, Southwest Yukon, Canada.


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