Papers to Appear in ARCTIC


2017 Issues

Kenny, T.-A., and Chan, H.M. Estimating Wildlife Harvest Based on Reported Consumption by Inuit in the Canadian Arctic.

Yang, D., and Peterson, A. River Water Temperature in Relation to Local Air Temperature in the Mackenzie and Yukon Basins.

Starr, L., Greenberg, J., and Rowell, J. Farming Muskoxen for Qiviut in Alaska: A Feasibility Study.

Frouin-Mouy, H., Kowarski, K., Martin, B., and Bröker, K. Seasonal Trends in Acoustic Detection of Marine Mammals in Baffin Bay and Melville Bay, Northwest Greenland.

Day, R.H., Prichard, A.K., Rose, J.R., Streever, B., and Swem, T. Effects of a Hazing-Light System on Migration and Collision Avoidance of Eiders at an Artificial Oil-Production Island, Arctic Alaska.

Taichmann, R.S., Gross, T., and MacEachern, M. A Critical Assessment of the Oral Condition of the Crew of the Franklin Expedition.

Naves, L.C., and Fall, J.A. Calculating Food Production in Subsistence Harvest of Birds and Eggs.

George, J.C., Sheffield, G., Reed, D.J., Tudor, B., Stimmelmayr, R., Person, B.T., Sformo, T., and Suydam, R. Frequency of Injuries from Line Entanglements, Killer Whales, and Ship Strikes on Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Seas Bowhead Whales.

Pongracz, J.D., Paetkau, D., Branigan, M., and Richardson, E. Recent Hybridization between a Polar Bear and Grizzly Bears in the Canadian Arctic.

Harwood, L.A., Quakenbush, L.T., Small, R.J., George, J.C., Pokiak, J., Pokiak, C., Heide-Jørgensen, M.P., Lea, E.V., and Brower, H. Movements and Inferred Foraging by Bowhead Whales in the Canadian Beaufort Sea during August and September, 2006 to 2012.

Eerkes-Medrano, L., Atkinson, D.E., Eicken, H., Nayokpuk, B., Sookiayak, H., Ungott, E., and Weyapuk, W., Jr. Slush-Ice Berm Formation on the West Coast of Alaska.

Kaltenborn, B.P., Mehmetoglu, M., and Gundersen, V. Linking Social Values of Wild Reindeer to Planning and Management Options in Southern Norway.

Johnson, A.C., Pongracz, J.D., and Derocher, A.E. Long-Distance Movement of a Female Polar Bear from Canada to Russia.

Lantz, T.C. Vegetation Succession and Environmental Conditions following Catastrophic Lake Drainage in Old Crow Flats, Yukon.

Stenton, D.R., and Park, R.W. History, Oral History, and Archaeology: Reinterpreting the ‘Boat Places’ of Erebus Bay.

Holen, S.R., Harington, C.R., and Holen, K.A. New Radiocarbon Ages on Percussion-Fractured and Flaked Proboscidean Limb Bones from Yukon, Canada.



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